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Susteen has entered the Cryptocurrency Market

Susteen is a company with a long history of mobile device forensic work in law enforcement. This expertise with forensics and defeating mobile devices that are protected with state of the art encryption methodologies made the adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies a logical next step for the company as it continues to stay on the forefront of technological innovation.

Susteen has created a new division that is partnering with established leaders in the cryptocurrency market, traditional “brick and mortar” product and service companies, branding and marketing companies, specialized software providers and banking institutions to move forward with its vision in this exciting new ecosystem.

Coupled with the raw technological strength and experience of Susteen, Susteen’s founder Hiro Maruyama has long and deep relationships with significant leaders in many international business communities. Susteen is working to integrate and practically utilize these new blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies into a broader market of established traditional companies.

Hiro Maruyama

Founder of AMI BIOS (Japan) a leader in computer BIOS manufacturing and marketing. Hiro sold his interest in AMI as the company reached its peak market share in 2005, capturing 60% of the world PC market. 

Hiro went on to become a market leader in global security products that target the mobile phone forensic investigations market. Susteen provides software to federal, state and local law enforcement agencies around the world.

Hiro, a constant innovator is always exploring new areas of business and technology and is now focused on the emerging blockchain and cryptocurrency industry and investment market.

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